Al Oliver Eulogies Dock Ellis

Doc Ellis


Doc Ellis

Al Oliver delivers a stirring eulogy at the “Going Home” ceremonies for the late Dock Ellis, former Pittsburgh Pirate baseball player. Former major league pitching star Dock Ellis died of a liver ailment at a Los Angeles hospital, his former agent said Sunday. He was 63.

Dock’s final request was that his best friend, Al Oliver, deliver his eulogy if he lost his fight with liver ailment. His request was more than delivered. Al comforted family and friends, inspired all to live a fuller life, and sent Dock “Home” with a final “Standing O” from all in attendance.

Al spoke of the real Dock Ellis that most people didn’t get to see. He said, “Dock was the kind of man who stood for something. That’s what’s wrong with people today. We need to stand up for something, instead of hiding in the closet.” With every word that Al spoke, the attention level of the room raised.

Al stressed the need to carry on Dock’s love for life by living every moment to it’s fullest. He challenged everyone to ask themselves, “What are you going to do with your life? Are you going to be satisfied standing on the sidelines, or are you going to get into the game?” Al’s thought provoking comments resinsted with everyone one who could hear his voice. And what a booming voice he has for such an important occasion.

Dock Ellis spent his life giving guidance and support to everyone who needed his help. So as a final act our appreciation and solidarity to his life and accomplishments, Al lead the crowd in a rousing “Standing O” for a man whose life was spend giving so much to others. “Dock, we applaud you, and will truley miss your simle. This is for you. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We will miss you.”

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