’71 World Champions Reunion

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On Sept. 3rd, 2016, the Pittsburgh Pirates honored the 1971 World Champion Pirates…Each Champion who was in attendance was introduced on the field before the game… Some of the Champions who returned to Pittsburgh for the Reunion weekend…                             Al shaking hands […]

7th Annual Roberto Clemete Museum Celebration

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On Sept 1st Mr Oliver was honored to appear at the 7th Annual Roberto Clemete Museum Celebration at the Museum in Pittsburgh…Also making an appearance was Mr Oliver’s teammates Manny Sanguillen, Steve Blass and current Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli along with members of the Clemete family… Mr Oliver was asked to say a few words […]

David lery – My Life Story

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2016-08-18 I am a lifelong resident of Lewis County, Kentucky. I broke my neck and suffered a spinal cord injury at the age of 17 playing baseball my senior year of high school. Being that I have always been active in baseball and softball and coming from a family who have always been athletes in […]

Race for the Hall of Fame

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Article in Portsmouth Daily Times By Frank Lewis, PDT Staff Writer The following article was posted courtesy of the Portsmouth Daily Times newspaper, Portsmouth, OH, Frank Lewis, editor. It was the early 60’s and the times they were a-changin’. Race was still an issue at Portsmouth High School, even though outright discrimination was not visible. […]

Al Oliver Bobblehead Doll Night

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Courtesy of The Portsmouth Daily Times, Portsmouth, OH By FRANK LEWIS PDT Staff Writer Former Major League great Al Oliver has had a love affair with two cities for a number of years. The first one is the one he was born in, Portsmouth, Ohio, and the second one is where he got his Major […]

Al Oliver Eulogies Dock Ellis

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Doc Ellis

12-28-08 Al Oliver delivers a stirring eulogy at the “Going Home” ceremonies for the late Dock Ellis, former Pittsburgh Pirate baseball player. Former major league pitching star Dock Ellis died of a liver ailment at a Los Angeles hospital, his former agent said Sunday. He was 63. Dock’s final request was that his best friend, […]