A. O. 300 Club


The Al Oliver 300 Club stemmed from my goal to be a LIFETIME, 300 hitter! The Al Oliver 300 Club’s mission is to help everyone be a great, lifetime achiever! No matter the challenge you face, or how hard the road seems, strive to be a winner! YOU CAN MAKE IT! I want to help you!

Three things were important to me in my creation of the Al Oliver 300 Club: 1. Home 2. School 3. Church. I believe that these three things are the most important areas in anyone’s development. If you believe in the worth and power of these three, simple criteria for life’s success, then you’re already a member of the Al Oliver 300 Club!


Membership means that you will pledge to strive to do the right thing, at home, in school and in church. Parents should instill in our young people the importance of education and spiritual values. With those three things going for you, you can’t be anything but successful!

Club Events

My sponsored events throughout the year seek to bring people of all nationalities, cultures and faiths together for “F & F” — “Fellowship and Fun!” “The 300 Club” will sponsor events like: sports trivia, Halloween and Christmas parties, and simply coming together for spiritual growth, mentoring and sharing. We’re all in this life together!

The 300 Club will offer assistance to families, children and teenagers in identifying and resolving family and social issues that reek havoc in our homes and communities with the goal of a a higher quality of life.

The 10-point list below can be a guide to identifying traits and attitudes in young people who need our help:

1. Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem

2. Poor Motivation

3. No Goals

4. Lack of personal discipline

5. Lack of parental discipline

6. No self-respect

7. Peer group pressure

8. Negative thinking

9. Poor attitude

10.Low academic achievement.

In this program the parents and teachers will be the hitters! Our youth will be the runners!