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Al “Scoops” Oliver Thanks Fans!

Fans Hello!

And Thank You!

Dear Fans & Supporter:

From the time I can remember, my image was always somewhat clouded. That was because positive and negative went together like oil and water. Throughout it all, I never wavered from standing up for what was unfair to me or my teammates. I did everything that each team asked me to do, changing positions throughout my career. Sacrificing my true talents, I was the best player that I was allowed to be. It didn’t take long to know Al Oliver, just a little time and observation but that didn’t happen among the baseball hierarchy.

I thank God for giving me tremendous athletic ability, my parents, my family, and, last but not least, the fans throughout the world for their prayers, encouragement and confidence in me. I hope I represented you to the best of my ability.

Isn’t it strange that fans caught the sunshine and the supposedly most knowledgeable still have on their blindfolds. There’s something wrong with that picture.

Al Oliver,
The Ball Player