Al Oliver offers his time as a mentor to youth around the country. He wants to share and let our youth know that someone cares about them and that they, too, can achieve the “American Dream.”

Today there’s approximately 35.2 million 10-to-18 year-olds in the United States. About half of them, or 17.6 million, could benefit from a high-quality formal, mentoring relationship with a caring and capable adult.

Many of our youth face especially difficult circumstances: one out of four children live in a single-parent household; one out of 10 children are born to teen parents; one out of five children live in poverty; and one out of 10 children will not finish high school. Today, we estimate that of the 17.6 million children who need a mentor, only approximately 2.5 million of those children are in formal, high-quality mentoring relationships.

Simply put, that means there’s a “mentoring gap” to almost 15 million young people who could use a mentor! Al Oliver wants to close this gap!

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